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Podiatry Services

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Ann Barwick Podiatry offers a large range of general and specialised treatments of foot-related problems to take care of your foot care needs. If you are experiencing foot aches or pains or simply need assistance with looking after your feet, make an appointment with Ann Barwick Podiatry today.


Toenail Surgery

Toenail Surgery Ingrown toenails are a frequent cause of foot pain and infection and can be resolved with a simple surgical procedure to remove the embedded toenail section. Ann performs in-room toenail surgery to remove ingrown toenails, using local anaesthetic and sterile instruments. The procedure [...]


Travel Preparation

Travel Preparation Feet put in long hours when travelling! Plan your holiday thoroughly with a pre-trip podiatric appointment for skin and toenail management, footwear advice or biomechanical assessment.


General Footcare

General Footcare If you feel embarrassed about the appearance of your feet, or find that it is getting harder to look after them, a regular podiatric appointment will make all the difference.Thickened and ingrown toenails, and skin conditions such as corns, callus, plantar warts and [...]


Diabetic Footcare

Diabetic Footcare If you have diabetes, it is essential to have your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist to keep aware of your foot health status and to avoid problems. Problems related to lack of feeling and poor blood flow in the feet are a main reason [...]


Children’s Footcare

Children’s Footcare Early detection and management of children’s foot problems may prevent more serious issues in later life, such as knee pain and bunion formation. Appropriate footcare and footwear choice can also assist a child’s foot function and sporting performance. If you have a family history [...]


Foot + Leg Pain / Biomechanics

Foot + Leg Pain / Biomechanics Good foot posture has the potential to affect the function of knees, hips and the lower back, and can relieve pain in these areas. Activity, age, foot structure and particular chronic conditions can affect foot alignment, strength and function, and [...]

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Conveniently located at Adelaide Health Care, our friendly reception staff are happy to assist you with making an appointment.

New patients are welcome. A referral is not required to see a podiatrist, but referrals are always welcome and appreciated.

The clinic is equipped with a HICAPS eftpos terminal for instant health fund claims and payment. Medicare Enhanced Primary Care and Department of Veteran’s Affairs referrals from general practitioners are accepted.


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